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Puffy ghost Halloween craft

This super cute puffy ghost is the perfect craft for little ones at Halloween. It's really sweet and not at all scary, plus it's made from things you will easily find at home!

We love our fluffy puffy ghost so much we've made him part of our permanent Halloween decorations and he will come out every year from now on!

puffy ghost halloween craft supplies

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To make your own puffy ghost you will need:

puffy ghost halloween craft cutting cardboard

Draw a ghost shape on the inside of the cereal box and cut it out.

puffy ghost halloween craft applying glue

Cover in PVA glue and stick on the cotton wool balls until the ghost shape is covered.

puffy ghost halloween craft sticking on cotton wool

Make sure you push the cotton wool balls close together so there aren't any gaps.

puffy ghost halloween craft cutting pipecleaner

Cut a piece of pipe cleaner and curve it into a smile. * Top tip - it's easier to cut if you use the part of the scissors nearer the handle *

puffy ghost halloween craft sticking on face

Glue this on for a mouth and add the pompoms for eyes.

child holding puffy ghost halloween craft

Leave to dry and enjoy your new cuddly Halloween buddy!

puffy ghost halloween craft on orange background

Want to try making your own little fluffy ghost this Halloween? Make sure you Pin 📌 in for later:

puffy ghost halloween craft

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