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Hello and welcome!

I'm Vicki, and I'm the mum behind How We Play and Learn. I have three boys aged 2, 6 and 11 and I love to share our crafting and playful learning


My story...

When my eldest was born in 2010 I found motherhood wasn't what I expected. I struggled to bond with him and spent money on trips and toys trying to compensate. I was diagnosed with postnatal depression and had to leave my job. Suddenly I had lots of time on my hands - I slowed down and started to spend more meaningful and creative time with him.


Learning through play

After my second came along I decide to do a course in home-based childcare. I learned about play theorybegan trying my ideas on him and​ couldn't believe it, he was so engaged, and his learning was natural and enjoyable.

When we were blessed with our third baby boy I was so excited to share our creative and playful learning with him as well!

Now as a household of three boys, life is pretty hectic, but I try to leave the mountains of washing and endless cleaning to spend a little playful and creative time with my children each day.

I hope you'll find a little time to sit down, have a cuppa, and join us...



Fun facts!

  • I'm obsessed with finding loose parts at car boot sales (to my husband’s dismay)

  • I'm passionate about photography and spent many happy hours in the darkrooms at University

  • I'm phobic of the sea, after floating away on a rubber dinghy as a child

  • We're camping addicts and spend around 4 weeks of the year in our trailer tent

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