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Marshmallow ghosts on a string game

We all know that party classic doughnuts on a string, where you have to gobble them up with your hands tied behind your back. We made a Halloween version, with some marshmallow ghosts and it was SO FUN.

All you will need for this spooky take on a classic are:

Giant marshmallows

An edible marker pen (we love our pen from Rainbow Dust)

White thread

Broomstick or broom handle.

Separate out some white marshmallows and use your edible pen to draw features on. Aim to make at least one marshmallow per player (for obvious hygiene reasons!).

You will need to draw the features on gently, as pressing too firm will drag the marshmallow.

Take your marshmallows and use thread to tie them to your broom handle (or witch's broomstick)

Now for the fun bit - suspend the broomstick in the air and invite the players to grab a mallow with their mouth. It's pretty tricky but if you go for them with your teeth it can be done!

Younger players may cheat a bit with their hands, but that's ok, it's all part of the fun.

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