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Tissue paper Christmas tree

This is such a cute craft for Christmas; it's super easy and scrunching the tissue paper is so much fun, It's also a great way for toddlers and pre-schoolers to work those fine motor skills.

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To make your Christmas tree you will need:

  • Green tissue paper (several sheets)

  • 3 or 4 other colours of tissue paper (single sheet of each)

  • PVA glue

  • Scissors

  • Cardboard

  • Small piece of brown paper

Start by cutting your cardboard into a rough Christmas tree shape (triangle) and gluing a small square of brown on the bottom for the trunk.

If you don't have any brown paper to hand, you can make this from a spare piece of card and colour it in with felt pen.

Next, you need to cut the green tissue paper up ready for scrunching. To do this, fold several sheets together and cut into squares around 2" across. This way you will be creating multiple squares of the same size in one go.

Then fold up your single sheets of the other colours and cut up some smaller squares, around 1" across.

Now the fun bit! Take the tissue squares and one by one scrunch them into rough balls. Don't make them too small as you won't get the lovely texture and it will take ages to cover the tree's surface.

Glue the balls of green tissue paper onto your cardboard using PVA glue. We used two different tones of green and glued them on randomly to give our tree a nice natural effect.

Be careful when handling the tissue paper with glue on, as the colour can leak out and it has a tendency to stain. If you are worried about your table it is worth popping your craft on a tray while you do this part.

Now you can add some baubles! Scrunch some of your small coloured tissue paper squares into separate balls. We scrunched these a little bit tighter so they gave the effect of being more round and bauble shaped.

Mr 5 chose a combination of pink, blue and yellow for ours, but any colour would look great (other than green which would get a bit lost 😜)

I love this method of scrunching tissue paper to make a collage - it's very effective and simple but also gives a lovely textured result.

Mr 5 was so proud of his creation that I stuck it to our kitchen cabinet for everyone to see.

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