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Pompom monster craft

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pompom monster craft

These little fluffy pompom monsters are super cute and ever so easy to make! You can make your own pompom using a pompom-making kit or just use a large shop-bought one.

pompom makers

pompom monster craft

To make the pompom monsters you will need:

  • Large pompom

  • Mini pompoms

  • Pipecleaners

  • Scissors

  • PVA glue

  • Googly eyes

  • Felt

pompom monster craft

Start by gluing eyes on your pompom. Let your child choose how many they want their monster to have, it doesn't have to be two it can be as many or as little as they like.

Offering choices is a great way to encourage your child to make decisions about their creative work.

pompom monster craft

Next cut a pipe-cleaner into two. Curl them around a pencil and gently slide them off. These will be your curly monster ears - glue them to the top of your monster's head.

pompom monsters kids craft

Now glue on his pompom nose.

pompom monsters kids craft

Finally, cut some teeth out of felt and glue them onto your pompom. Leave to dry.

pompom monster craft

Why not make a set of monster buddies by using different colours and features? They can be personalised with any combination of features you like, big or little teeth, pompom ears, angry eyes etc...

pompom monster craft

These little monster would make the perfect keyring - just tie a piece of wool round the centre and add a ring. Or you can just play with them!


pompom monsters kids craft

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