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My top 20 buys for toddlers

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As a mum of three, I know how important it is to have products that not only make life easier, but are good value for money.

The following toys and practical bits are my absolute must-haves to survive toddlerhood; they have all been tried and loved by us.

Cupboard locks are a must if you have a curious toddler. We have tried quite a few over the years but these are hands down our favourites - they are really easy to install, plus they mount on the inside of your cupboard, so no unsightly white plastic all over your kitchen.

Little ones love to copy grown-ups, so we have a set for Mr 2 to 'help' whenever we are cleaning. They're perfect for occupying your little one, as well as developing both fine and gross motor skills (the movements of hands/fingers and whole body).

These clever little crayons are ideal for small hands, made from non-toxic natural soya wax, their shape encourages the development of a tripod grip ready for early writing.

This is a miracle for morning hair! If your little one has really fine hair this PH balanced spray will instantly detangle it with a quick comb through. It can be used daily and doesn't have to be washed out.

toddler best buys, blue potty

It's a good idea to introduce a potty early on so your little one gets used to sitting on it before there is any expectation to use it. The award winning Pourty potties are really clever as you can pour the contents easily straight into the toilet. They are also nice and compact and come in a range of colours.

pop up toy

Pop-up toys are a classic and with good reason - they're great way for toddlers to hone their fine motor skills and they're super fun. This cute set has an added sensory element as the animals make noises when you press, turn, toggle and slide the buttons.

Puddle suits are essential for allowing your little one to explore the outdoors in all weathers. Pop them over a pear of wellies and they can jump in puddles to their heart's content.

Whilst toddlers love noisy books, most mums and dads don't! Luckily the books in this series have realistic sounds that won't drive you nuts in a day! Our favourite is the Noisy Jungle.

A classic open-ended toy, you can do so much with them - we love these natural blocks by Brio; the boy's grandparents also have a coloured set at their house.

Really handy to have for when little legs gets tired, Little Life child carriers are ultra lightweight and provide all the back support you need.

Steppy-stools, as we call them, are vital to encourage independence and help your child wash their hands, brush their teeth etc. This is a nice robust one and it won't break the bank.

These are so convenient - they fold flat and are stored in a bag for on the go, and the little absorbent bags mean you can dispose of any wees and poos when you get to a bin. We've used ours for long car journeys and pop it under the buggy on day trips.

13. Duplo

Maaan our youngest loves Duplo; his favourite thing at the moment is making huge towers over and over again. The heart box is a lovely little starter set.

Giving children small versions of adult objects encourages independence. This cutlery set is the perfect size for small hands and great quality.

If the thought of getting liquid paints out fills you with dread, then these handy sticks are perfect. They go on super smooth so are easy for chubby little fingers to manipulate and they give lovely vibrant results.

If like us you have a toddler who is desperate to move out of their high chair onto a 'big boy/girl' seat, then this is the perfect compromise. This booster seat is wipeable and has a soft cushion; you could also use it for eating out as it's nice and compact.

Any ride-on is a must for active toddlers - riding a balance bike helps develop motor skills, coordination and agility. This balance bike is an ideal first ride-on as it has a 135° steering limit to avid oversteering and falls.

These bibs are a great way to keep clothes clean while your little one gets more independent with their eating., plus they are super easy to clean.

All of our car seats have been from Maxi Cosi as they are market leaders for safety. This model is great as it turns 90 degrees to help toddlers get in and out, it has a washable cover, and it reclines nice and far. Suitable for age 9 months to 4 years.

Magnetic tiles are so easy for young hands to manipulate and gives hours and hours of entertainment. We love this brand as the magnets are so strong the tiles will even stay sideways!

What are your toddler essentials?




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